Action Now Supports Saucedo School Parents & Teachers In Decision To Opt-Out Of ISAT Test!

1.jpgAction Now is in strong support of the decision of Saucedo Elementary teachers and parents who chose to opt out of the unnecessary ISAT test that wastes classroom time and places an arbitrary value on our children and our schools.

One of Action Now’s dedicated parent leaders, Zerlina Smith, has a child who attends Saucedo Elementary. The unanimous decision to protest the ISAT test demonstrates the power that can be built when strong parents and teachers unite to revitalize our public schools and end the harmful high stakes testing of our children.

Action Now believes that it is time for public school students, the majority of whom are low-income and minority, to be seen as treasured children worthy of the same classroom instruction time and rich curriculum as any child at an elite private school. In fact, many of Chicago’s elite private schools, like the Chicago Lab School that the Mayor’s children attend, have fewer standardized tests than public schools.

BhmDBgxIYAAG9Sy_-_Copy.jpgAll children have value and possess varied skills and talents, which is why one-size-fits-all high stakes testing is inherently flawed. It is harmful to students’ self-esteem and academic future when these test results label kids as “failures” even though the standardized testing system of evaluation is a failure itself. There is no research or statistical proof showing that high stakes testing is effective at gauging student knowledge or that it serves any positive educational purpose.

2_-_Copy.jpgThe more insidious issue is that each year millions of our tax dollars go to high stakes testing companies. It is one more way that our public school system is being privatized and our hard earned tax dollars are siphoned off to big corporations.

Action Now parents are fighting for community based public schools where decisions are made by parents, teachers, students and community members instead of by politicians and rich technocrats. We want schools that are by the people and for the people because we are the true stakeholders in public education. This is why Action Now says Bravo to Saucedo Elementary!

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