Response to "School Closings Report" from UofC

Action Now's response to the Consortium of Chicago School Research report "School Closings in Chicago."

The Consortium's findings corroborate what the community knew would happen when the Mayor chose to close 50 schools despite city-wide protests: the public education system has been destabilized, children are not receiving a better education and are in overcrowded classrooms

The administration's handling of Chicago's public school system has been an utter failure of leadership and character. We need to uplift the voices of parents, students, and community members instead of ignoring them.

Welcoming schools are overcrowded. More than a third of students did not move into better performing schools. The closings have not changed the overall well-being of our public school system.

Real leadership on this issue requires us to fix Chicago’s problem with poverty. Research shows that household income is the greatest predictor of educational success. Action Now will continue to fight for a living wages, affordable housing, and a full investment in our public education.

Action Now will continue to fight for an Elected Representative School Board and encourages everyone to vote on February 24th in favor of the ballot referendum.

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