Protesting Quazzo at her HQ

Action Now, the Chicago Teachers Union, and education activists protested outside of Board of Education member Deborah Quazzo’s investment firm, GSV Advisors, calling on her to resign from the board.

“As a member of the Local School Council, I am required to follow the rules and cannot have a connection with any company doing business with the school,” said Action Now member Anthony Edwards, an LSC member at O’Keefe School of Excellence. “Yet, we see Deborah Quazzo doing exactly that! The rules should apply to her too.”

A Chicago Sun-Times watchdog report revealed nearly $3 million in CPS contracts to companies partially owned by Deborah Quazzo since her appointment by Mayor Rahm Emanuel in June of 2013. In the 3.5 years before her appointment the companies received less than $1 million in contracts from CPS.

“She is putting profit over our kids’ education,” continued Edwards. “They don’t see our kids. They see dollar signs. This is further proof we need an Elected Representative School Board and we demand her resignation.”

The Board of Education’s Ethics Code states: “LSC members cannot have an Economic Interest in a contract or business of the school.”

The mayor’s hand-picked Board of Education has continued the failed practice of corporate education reform by closing schools, increasing the use of high-stakes testing, and opening charter schools that lack financial oversight. Chicago is the only municipality in the state without an elected school board.

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