Pledge to Vote this November!

your-vote-counts.jpgVoters will help determine the fate of our city and state this November. We have the opportunity to vote our values with the minimum wage ballot referendum.

Voting is pivotal to growing a people-powered movement. A movement determined to raise the minimum wage, create an elected representative school board, and invest in our neighborhoods. Pledge to go vote and make your values heard!


Who's pledging

Deborah McCoy
Joel Libman
Meredith West
Dina Anderson

10 votes

Yes I support Action Now.
I might support Action Now, tell me more.
No I do not support Action Now.

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  • Deborah McCoy
    pledged support 2014-10-21 18:11:09 -0500
    Will vote EARLY!
  • Joel Libman
    pledged support 2014-10-07 18:56:37 -0500
  • Meredith West
    pledged support 2014-10-07 14:57:02 -0500
  • Dina Anderson
    pledged support 2014-10-07 14:50:07 -0500