New House Bill To Raise Illinois Minimum Wage To $10.65

Call Your State Representative Today and Ask Them To Support The Bill! 


What’s Happening?

Check out this infographic on minimum wage workers!

State Representative Art Turner (9th District) introduced legislation yesterday to raise the minimum wage in Illinois from $8.25 to $10.65.  The bill, HB 3718, joins Senator Kimberly Lightford’s call in the senate to raise the minimum wage through SB 68.

Raising the minimum wage would not only help workers, but would strengthen the economy and give a boost to small businesses. By increasing wages to $10.65 per hour, workers would receive an additional $4,992 per year to spend at local businesses on necessities including housing, health care, electricity, groceries, transportation, and childcare. It has been estimated that raising the minimum wage in Illinois will give a $2.5 billion boost to the state economy.


Call your state representatives today and ask them to co-sponsor the bill to raise the minimum wage!


Read this recent article, “IL Minimum Wage Picking Up Steam” with great quotes from Action Now leader Charles Brown!


Why Is It Important?

Low wage work is creating an economic crisis for families and communities in Illinois. Over 80 percent of the 400,000 minimum wage workers in Illinois are adults aged 20 or over. Many of these workers support families on meager wages, and they simply cannot earn enough to afford the basic necessities of life. A single parent with two kids working a full time minimum wage job earns just $17,160 annually, falling well below the federal poverty threshold for a family of three at $19,530. Today, over 100,000 Illinois workers are working full time and still living in poverty. Click on the infographic on the right to learn more.

The state minimum wage of $8.25 per hour is out of date with economic reality. Had minimum wage kept pace with inflation, today it would be $10.75 per hour. Action Now along with Raise Illinois, the statewide coalition working to raise the minimum wage, applauds Representative Turner and Senator Lightford’s work on this initiative to help hardworking Illinois families escape from poverty.


How Can You Help?

Call your state representatives today and ask them to co-sponsor the bill to raise the minimum wage! Click here to find contact information for your representatives.

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IL Minimum-Wage Increase Efforts Picking up Steam
IL Minimum-Wage Increase Efforts Picking up Steaman article where Action Now leader Charles Brown has some great quotes about why Illinois legislators need to raise the minimum wage!


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  • alex burr
    commented 2018-04-06 23:31:23 -0500
    Most of these comments on how companies would have to lay off employees to afford the increase of wages is all theoretical. Fact is not only would adults surviving on minimum wage have to pay for rent, possibly children/ education/food (including themselves) possible extracurricular activites for their children ($50-100) *about 1/6 of a bi-weekly paycheck/car payments/medical/insurance/etc, they just don’t make enought to sustain a “livable” wage. Try living with lower class wages for a year. With what their earning, they barely make enough to spend time with their children or do anything for themselves besides work over 40+ hrs a week. A slight increase in minimum wage would comply with inflation along with the simple fact that their killing themselves grinding for a couple dollars an hour.
    By only paying at this low of an hourly rate, it would make people at low income lean towards common welfare programs that not only negatively impact EVERYONE’S paycheck ie: taxes, but would make that person (recognized under the United States Department of Labor) as unemployed.
    You don’t hear about companies drastically laying off employees in the chicago area, especially since they recently increased their minimum wage. All in all, there’s too many factors a person has to pay for, only making $8.25 per hour. Do a little math and see how hard it is to live off of this.

    -17 year old 🤙🏻
  • Sandra Dragan
    commented 2017-06-23 14:38:06 -0500
    I don’t care what anyone says, we NEED to raise the minimum wage! No one can freaking LIVE on freaking "8.25 an hour! You freaking kidding me?! Hard working families deserve to make more money! Or how the hell are they suppose to get ahead in life?! Get real! 😒
  • Steve Turnquist
    commented 2017-04-17 20:07:19 -0500
    Think about this for a minute folks:
    1 – The state forces a min. wage raise to 10.65 an hour
    2 – The employer has to gain those extra funds someplace so they charge more for their goods and services to be able to pay people more. That or they let part of their work force go so that they can make up the difference.
    3 – The employee makes more but at the same time they are spending more for the same items that they were purchasing before. ie: food, rent, heat, etc…
    4 – The state see’s an increase overall in wages and needs to come up with a budget that will work and keep the state employees employed. So the state raises the with holding tax rate on your paycheck and moves you into a new tax bracket, or just takes more of your paycheck.
    5 – You are earning more but paying more out for your goods and services and taxes to the state and wonder why your ability to live a better life have not been seen.

    Yes, there are some reasons to raise the rate and I understand those reasons but for those that are working at min. wage positions they are not going to get ahead with this type of raise. If the state wants to do something then lets invest those dollars in education and get folks out of the min. wage cycle so that our states people are more attractive to employers. Those employers that need people who are not just min. wage earners, come to our state and provide higher paying jobs. Those jobs increase the overall earnings that people have allowing them to purchase homes, cars, etc… The business pay taxes and collect sales taxes, the people pay property taxes on their homes, more money is put into the economy the proper way and the state as a whole see’s a better economic outlook. That attracts more business and they cycle continues.

    Raising min. wage is not a long term fix for the problems that the state is seeing. It is a quick fix and meant to make those that need it most feel that someone is looking out for them when that is the farthest thing from the truth. I know I will take some heat for these comments but there is only one way out of that min. wage job and that is education and drive on the part of the person that is there. Until that person is willing to do something to help themselves though, and really work to advance above where they are, they will continue to try to live on min. wage. One other point to think about here, min. wage was put into effect to pay a reasonable wage to those entering the work force so that they were not taken advantage of. It was never set up to be a wage for people to live on! So if you really want a change in your life and a chance to earn what you are worth then do what you need to do to move up.

    Okay I will get off my soap box now but for those that are thinking I’m nuts and someone else should take care of them, well I’m sorry for you. Until you stand up and take control of your future you will always be struggling and never really get ahead.
  • Tim Richards
    commented 2017-04-13 11:55:46 -0500
    Just how does upping the min. Wage 2.40 am hour boost the economy. When employers lay off one employee to cover the wage hike.
  • Missy Hilton
    commented 2017-04-04 12:45:23 -0500
    When is minimum wage going up for Illinois?
  • Ryan Erb
    commented 2017-03-26 21:26:41 -0500
    Everything going to go up in price so they better rase eveyones wage
  • Dee Morris
    commented 2017-03-17 21:52:48 -0500
    Even those of us who do not have children find it hard to make ends meet making minimum wage. I work with mentally disabled children and making minimum wage, something needs to change to ensure good workers are brought in to care for the children who cannot defend themselves.
  • Sean Dassing
    commented 2017-03-08 15:49:41 -0600
    Yea they really do need to raise it it’s hard to make a living and support a family at $8.25 an hour I’d be good with 10.75 a 11 a hour life would be easier for sure
  • Danelle Fuhrman
    commented 2017-03-04 03:54:12 -0600
    Plz raise minium rage it would really help out
  • Darnell Chatman
    commented 2016-10-25 06:30:15 -0500
    Please. Raise minimum wage …because im barely surviving. Mr governor
  • Miranda Silvy
    commented 2016-07-15 15:01:18 -0500
    That would really benefit the lower working class