Living Wage Jobs

Our Values

We value fair-pay for hard-work, and we believe that everyone deserves a quality, living wage job that allows them to not only provide for themselves and for their families, but also build their community’s economy.

Our Work

Action Now convened the Raise Illinois coalition made up of community, business, faith and labor organizations along with minimum wage workers and supporters that are committed to fighting to raise in the minimum wage in Illinois.

Right now the minimum wage in Illinois is $8.25 an hour, which is simply not enough to live on, especially for working families. People who work for a living, should make a living wage. Illinois needs good jobs that keep people out of poverty, not in it!

In 2011, Senate Bill 1565 (now Senate Bill 68) was introduced in the Illinois General Assembly.This legislation would gradually increase the minimum wage until it hits $10.65 and thereafter go up with the cost of living each year.

In November 2013, House Bill 3718 was introduced in the Illinois General Assembly, with the same purpose as Senate Bill 68 to raise the minimum wage.

Do YOU support raising the minimum wage in Illinois so that working families can make a decent living? Click here to send a letter to your Illinois State Senator and Representatives!

Click here to see our recent work on this campaign.

You can also find more information by going to the campaign website:


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  • Alfreda Calbert
    commented 2017-08-18 17:12:37 -0500
    The new minimum wage went into effect July 2017 have you advised your members of this very important fact? The new Sick Pay for Chicago and cook county also went into effect July 2017. This means that for every forty hours worked an employee will earn one paid sick day up to five paid sick days for the year regardless of company size.