Action Now Joins CPS Boycott & March


Action Now joined hundreds of parents, students, teachers and community supporters for a CPS boycott and march that coincided with the 50th anniversary of the historic March on Washington. We rallied to demand an Elected Representative School Board, a moratorium on school closings and for taxpayer TIF dollars to be put back into our neighborhood public schools.

We began at CPS Headquarters where students, parents and teachers spoke about why we held a boycott and how Mayor Emanuel’s education agenda is hurting Chicago’s schools and working families. Then we set out on a march to the Mayor’s office at City Hall where Action Now President Michelle Young spoke about the continued fight for fair and equitable public education, “You might shut us out, but you won’t shut us up.”

Action Now’s Ellyson Carter spoke to MSNBC, “This is racial, it’s simple as that… He tries to make himself look good going to schools in our neighborhoods and taking pictures surrounded by black children. But if he cared about black children he wouldn’t have closed school in our neighborhoods. What are we going to do with our kids? We have enough black children standing on the corner with abandoned buildings and vacant lots”

The boycott was a nationwide event where families in cities all over the nation stood up against corporate education reformers to fight for education justice for all children!

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