CPS Board Responsible for Corruption & Guilty Plea of Former CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett

Today’s indictment and forthcoming guilty plea of the former CEO of Chicago Public Schools Barbara Byrd-Bennett is another sad reminder of the Board of Education’s history of corruption and failure.

In February 89% of voters indicted the entire school board by calling for an Elected Representative School Board. The board is just as culpable in Byrd-Bennett’s defrauding of Chicago’s children as she is, they are all guilty and need to cease their failed leadership. The community has made this demand and will take control of Chicago’s school system.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s handpicked appointees have typically come from investment firms, business backgrounds or worked in the legal profession. They have proven themselves to be incapable of running the financial business of CPS, and have been largely unqualified to address the educational needs of students. Shareholders of a publicly traded company would not allow a board to remain in control with a similar history. The community, the shareholders of CPS who have lost the most from their investments, refuse to allow mayoral appointments of criminals and cronies to remain in leadership. We are taking over Chicago’ Board of Education in order to protect the interests of Chicago’s public school children. We are shutting their show down and demanding an elected school board now!

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