Affordable Housing

Our Values

We value safe communities, and we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to live in safe, affordable housing and that affordable housing not only provides families with a place to live, but also builds the community to becoming more stable and vibrant.

Our Work

One of Action Now’s biggest and most successful campaigns has been the fight against unjust foreclosures and dangerous vacant buildings that cause destruction to our communities.

Action Now succeeded in winning:

  • An amendment to the Chicago Vacant Property Ordinance that holds lenders and servicers responsible for maintaining and securing the homes left empty after a family has been foreclosed on.
  • The Keep Chicago Renting Ordinance which helps renters in foreclosed buildings by requiring the foreclosing bank to provide the tenants a rent-controlled lease until selling the property or pay them a fee of $10,600 to relocate.


We have held protests at banks that refuse to give loan modifications to borrowers, as well as at banks that refuse to clean up their vacant properties.

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